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Partners we have worked with..

Industry Leaders I've worked with over the years..

Robert G.Allen, #1 New York Times Best Selling Author With over 3.5 Million Copies Sold WorldWide

Calvin & Patricia, Founders of Zion Global Marketing Pte Ltd, and Wealth Singapore's Leading Seminar Company for Investments & Wealth Creation

Dr Kuma Idamanella, Founder and Master trainer at Wisdom Trainer International, Master Trainer, Coach & Master NLP Practitioner

Jane Dong, SMI Japan #1 Sales Champion

What does Gin do?

Gin is a Personal-Evolution coach, thought leader, lifestyle & business entrepreneur who is most known as "The Lifestyle & Business Artist."

He believes that any individual, given the right resources, has the inner-potential to weave their businesses around their lifestyle, transcending and living beyond their personal and professional life at the highest level.

He provides the next wave of lifestyle entrepreneurs with the resources, trainings, coaching tools, platforms and connections to package their deepest purpose now into a  divine message to inspire, impact and share their gifts with the world.

In the background, Gin also sings, enjoys music, supporting creative entrepreneurs and is deeply fascinated about consciousness work.

How does he do it?

Introducing The 5-Step Empowered Method to take your personal and professional life to the next level!

1. The 5-Step Way of Alignment

Do you know where you’re headed? Is it clear or foggy? Even if it’s clear, in time to come, would you still be doing what you think you’ll be doing 5-10 years from now?

Regardless of the answer, you can now have a peace of mind. After taking you through these 5 steps, whatever you choose to embark on, is just the first step of your “divine message”. Over time, it will evolve beautifully and bloom from this seed that you have planted.

This divine message will be carefully crafted into your products and services so you can deliver it to the people you want to serve.


Once you are fully aligned, you will no longer need to compete again, you’ll only start to attract those who resonate with your divine message.

2. The 3-Steps Enlightened Deal-Maker

The question is, can you handle more sales? We are a huge advocate on not just closing the sale, but to deliver world-class service AFTER you closed the sale. That is the enlightened deal maker’s way.

Through this 3 steps, you’ll learn the energetic sales process, the art of polarity, positioning, persuasion and influence principles. Note that this form of art comes from a consultative angle and it will greatly raise your influence and authority. Use if from a place of love, not lack.

Witness your love and respect from others sky-rocket because the love and respect for yourself sky-rockets with confidence and conviction.

3. Personal Evolution Coaching

As the business owner grows, the business grows. Sometimes we need an accurate mirror to show us our blindspots and stir our wheels towards the right direction.

Coaching is the best form of practice shedding our own layers just like an onion, until we find our deepest core and true authentic being.

Even world class athletes, like tiger woods and michael jordan needs a coach. If you want the best for your personal & professional life, don’t you think it makes sense to engage a coach as well?

4. Energy Replacement Systems 

When the business gets tough, do you have the energy to carry on or to sustain the level of world class service you wish to deliver?

How about having a 24/7 sales man doing the work for you?

That’s where the magic comes.


5. 5-Steps Marketing Funnel Vetting Approach


The core fundamentals of all businesses are marketing. Not just on administration or production. Using this 5 steps approach Identify, Fix, Test, Optimise and Repeat, we help you to recover the hidden money leaked out of your funnels and re-engage your clients again and again.


Hear What Our Most Successful Client Has to Say..

Key Benefits He Delivers

  • Increase and SUSTAIN Your Sales Revenue Flow by at least 25%
  • Find your signature and NEVER have to compete again!
  • Increase your conversions throughout your ENTIRE marketing funnel!
  • Never worry about lack of LEADS again!
  • Create a SYSTEM that will replace you in time to come, so you can have more time to focus on expansion or do the things which are important to you!
  • Use 30% lesser effort to achieve the SAME level of results you currently have now.

ON TOP OF ALL THAT.. Gin will show you..

  • The Highest Profit Margin Businesses You Can Start Nowadays

  • How to Increase your Sales Revenue almost immediately!

  • Where to Find Your First Few Customers!

  • How To Restore Your Purpose & Passion To Live A Fulfilling Life

  • How To Use Unconventional-Strategies To Achieve Conventional Results In Your Business

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Gin's Brief Background..

From humble beginnings, Gin started out as a part-time guitar teacher offering private classes to amateur guitarists.

Academically, he stopped studying at the age of 17 and began his journey of self-discovery of what he really wants to do in life.. That's when he discovered his passion for music and personal development.

After a year and a half of teaching music, he embarked on sales and discovered his passion in coaching.

Ever since then, he has been coaching and consulting private clients for the past 4 years 1/2 years and counting, having a track record of helping his clients increase their sales revenue by at least 20% in their businesses.

On the side he has worked with industry giants in the personal development field such as Robert G. Allen and many others, helping such authority figures to market successful events and til date has already filled up to 3000 pax and counting for such seminar events.

In the background, he has other passions such as playing music, singing, martial arts, reiki, studying spirituality, writing and not forgetting spending quality time with his girlfriend.

What deeply fulfills him, is to be able to help re-connect an individual's passion & purpose and help them live the life of their own design.

Gin Seah
Live a passionate life,
Sincerely Connecting Your Passion..

See What Others Have to Say About Gin 

I worked with Gin on one of my company’s most major projects, and I must say that Gin is a ninja. This guy is not a talker, he is a doer, and I was extremely impressed by his resourcefulness when it came to getting vendors for our event in a very short span of time. What I admire also about Gin is his ability to work calmly under pressure, and that is such an important trait in the events industry when everyone is panicking and losing control. He was a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to running more projects with him in the future.

Abdul Haadi
Abdul Haadi Founder of Redpreneur

Having known Gin for over 2 years now, I have witness his growth from strength to strength. Through my various interaction with him, I learnt that he is smart, relevant and authentic. He also has extensive working relationship with many successful individuals. Gin is definitely a someone to look up to for young entrepreneurs.         

Jacky Chua
Jacky Chua Master Sales Trainer, Author of 4 books

I was confused and having obstacles in balancing my work and lifestyle. I have learnt from Gin to plan my business around my life and not to put things on hold in order to live my life fully. As a result, I feel so much happier now that I’m the one in control of my life and business, also I’m closer to my family and I even re-connected with my old friends whom I’ve lost touch with. In terms of sales, I’m also much more confident now because I’m able to sustain a benchmark for sales every month. Gin’s coaching has laid a foundation for my further growth.

I recommend mainly small business owners who are facing bottle necks in their growth!

John Seah
John Seah Founder of Healthy John Asia

I find that Gin is a highly innovative go-getter. He's far more mature than peers his age and is always willing to share his knowledge generously. There were also a few incidents that shows he's proactive in solving problems that he have not encounter before. Nothing stops this guy.

Donald Lee
Donald Lee Singapore Award-winning Business Insurance Expert

Gin always been driven to excel. Giving up the security of comfort zone is no easy decision, many are good for months but he has perserved for years and constantly pushing through boundaries. He is always respectful and hungry to learn from people in leadership. A precious friend, a brother, an admirable entrepreneur that I want to see him succeed not just in career but in evey aspect of his life.

Joelle Ung
Joelle Ung Director, Nature Treasure Group

Before working with Gin, I was lost and confused about how a powerful sales process work. He gave me a lot more clarity on how to execute it and just on the 2nd month, I am able to approach it confidently and not only that, I managed to close $2500 increment of sales! I would recommend this to business owners & sales people who are struggling because Gin’s methodologies will definitely help you to make things clearer and get the results you want.

Nicholas Ong
Nicholas Ong Business Development Manager, Pear Comms Pte Ltd

He has a very positive attitude with a consistent and persistent character. Very focus on his goals... Watching him grow in amazing!

Tristan Tay
Tristan Tay Serial Millionaire Entrepreneur

I’ve known Gin for quite a few years now. From the time he was a rookie entrepreneur, he was always slanted towards coaching work. Always coming up with ideas on how to coach others who were more rookie than him, and being selfless in wanting to assist. I applaud his courage to take the stand to coach other entrepreneurs in what he believes to be authentic and right. Well done Gin!

Shamala Tan
Shamala Tan Founder - The Modern Medicine Women

Yuko Imoto
-How a professional make-up artist managed to expand her business in Singapore

Gin is like a Wizard. Before working with him, I was lost and afraid of doing sales. However, not only did he gave me on some skills to improve my pitch, he gave me confident as well. Things change when I start applying what he taught. My closing rate increased to 25% and now I have more confident in closing sales. I highly recommend to those who need more sales and good quality leads for your business.

Weiliam Hoo
Weiliam Hoo Director, Leads Solution Pte Ltd

Gin is a personal empowerment coach. Very experienced and has got so much to offer. His office is just a few doors away from mine and finally we had some time to catch up... and something's brewing too!

Hazriq Idrus
Hazriq Idrus Author, Business Creativity & Speaking Strategist