Who are you?

Life, such a vast word. Ever changing, ever evolving journey that you and I are a part of.

One door leads to another, and nothing is eternal or constant except yourself, or your own spiritual belief.

Now now, let’s not go that far yet..

It’s a long journey, but let’s take one step at a time.
The real question would be, who do you want to become in 2016, 2017, 2018 and so on?

Before your mind tells you “I can’t.” “Who am I to become that”, “I’m not born with this talent” etc etc..

Feel it in your heart.

What identity do you want to create?

What inspires you or gets you excited?

What was your childhood dream? Re-live it!

There’s a saying by Les Brown, world renown motivational speaker that goes ” Most people die at age 25, and officially go to their graves at 70 and making the richest place on earth not the African goldmines, but the graveyard. Because that’s where the unrealized dreams, hopes, ideas, were buried alive.. ”

Sad but true isn’t it?

Here are some more questions to inspire you in your journey on self-discovery and living a more fulfilling life every passing day:

1. How does your perfect day look like? From the moment you wake up, until your head hits the pillow.

2. What identity do you choose to embody? One of the most powerful keys in life is to BE-DO-HAVE. Before that, you need to first KNOW.

3. Who are you hanging out with? (Who are your peers?) Where are you waking up in the world?

A final tip for you to make this questions more powerful, be as specific as possible!

I know it may be a draft at first, but go back to work on it again & again as many times as can, and if you’re SERIOUS about this, here’s a really powerful secret that I would like to share with you that will SPEED things up!

With that said, I wish you a fulfilling, fun, and PRESENT journey. 🙂
Live a passionate life..
Sincerely Connecting Your Passion,
Gin Seah
The Lifestyle & Business Artist
Founder of The Empowered Choice
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